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Rely On Our Trustworthy Team For Your Scrap Recycling

Do you want to recycle and make money? Our dependable team will give you cash for both precious and non-precious metals like copper and aluminum.

Receive Cash In Exchange For Junk Vehicles

Is there anything better than the feeling of a pocketful of cash? We’d be happy to pay you in return for wrecked or dilapidated vehicles.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With Our Junkyard

We dismantle demolished and decommissioned vehicles in order to reuse valuable parts and metals for our clients. This is the definition of recycling. Be part of something bigger with Colosse Junkyard & Scrap Recycling.

Exemplary Scrap Recycling Since 2019

Colosse Junkyard & Scrap Recycling services revolve around our junkyard and scrap recycling. Our team buys copper, alumni, precious metals, and non-precious metals. Furthermore, we buy automobiles, catalytic converters and we pay cash! If you are into recycling, come visit Colosse Junkyard & Scrap Recycling today.

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